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Greetings from the Bitakon AI Prompt Selling Marketplace, your one-stop shop for using artificial intelligence to its fullest! Our platform is a vibrant market place where AI enthusiasts, developers, and creative thinkers come together to purchase and sell AI prompts, raising the bar for innovation. The Bitakon script was developed using the newest web development technologies, including as Laravel, Inertia.js, and Vue.js, and it features more than eleven automated payment gateways as well as an infinite number of offline payment gateways. A two-click online installer is available for installing the script in User Interface mode.

How It Works:

  • Browse & Discover: Take a look at a huge assortment of AI prompts by diving into our marketplace. Utilise our search parameters to identify prompts that meet your requirements.

  • Buy and Download: Choose the AI questions that pique your curiosity, secure the transaction, and download the content right away.
  • Create & Collaborate: Harness AI’s potential for content creation, data analysis, and problem-solving in your projects. Work together with other AI enthusiasts to further your concepts.

  • Market Your Ideas: You may share your AI prompts with the world by becoming a member of our community of vendors if you are an expert or developer in AI. Make money off of your knowledge and help drive the AI revolution.

Script Demo:
Home: https://bitakon.nexilate.xyz/

Admin Panel Credentials

Admin Login Url: https://bitakon.nexilate.xyz/login

Email: [email protected]
Password: password

User Panel Credentials

User Login Url: https://bitakon.nexilate.xyz/login

Email:  [email protected]
Password: password

Author & User Features

  • Clean & Informative Dashboard
  • AI Model Based dynamic Prompt
  • Prompt Collection or bundle
  • QR Based Device Login
  • Sales Report
  • Purchase Log
  • Like or Favourite modules
  • Secure payout models
  • Profile Settings
  • Orders Log
  • Followers Log
  • Following Log
  • AI Generate Image
  • Credit Purchase History
  • Notifications

Admin Features

  • Informative Dashboard
  • Dynamic AI Model modules
  • Order modules
  • Customers modules
  • Payment gateways modules
  • Users log
  • Support modules
  • Blog
  • Drag and drop menu builder
  • Role-based multi admin
  • Storage Settings (local and wasabi cloud)
  • 10+ automatic payment gateways
  • Custom Page.
  • SEO.
  • Developer settings.
  • Notifications.

Site Features

  • Latest Technology (Laravel & Vue js & inertia js) 
  • Dark and Light mode Frontend 
  • 100% responsive
  • 3 Unique Home Page
  • 2 prompt detail layout 
  • Prompt Listing Page
  • Social Login (Facebook and Google)
  • Cart page
  • Checkout Page
  • 11+ Payment Getaways
  • Faq
  • SEO friendly
  • XSS Protection
  • Unique and Modern Design.
  • Fully Customizable script.
  • Clean Admin Dashboard.
  • Blogs.
  • Page wise seo.
  • Custom error page
  • Multi-Language supported
  • More….
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